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We're on a mission to create a flexible coworking space community to help freelancers & startups thrive

We're connecting freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners with quality restaurants and bars around the country to give you access to the very best, inspiring coworking spaces.

What is FlexTable all about?

FlexTable is all about community – a community where people can cowork and network with each other as frequently or infrequently as they like.

We provide access to inspiring spaces to work during the day, with like-minded individuals. Rather than working in a coffee shop with a bunch of strangers, trying to hear yourself think over the loud echo of multiple conversations.

We’re much more than our top coworking spaces though – the whole idea behind FlexTable is to help you grow. By growing both your network, and your business.

We want to be the people that put you in touch with future clients and suppliers, those that can help you realise your full potential as part of a coworking community.

Regular networking and social events help you meet new people, with educational speakers to help you on your entrepreneurial journey and topics you want to learn more about.

We also provide exclusive offers in these venues such as free hot drinks, and even delicious food options where we can! Bonus.

We’re much more than just a venue

One of the key benefits of FlexTable is of course the inspiring coworking spaces you have access to but we like to think we offer more than that to our freelance community.

Regular Networking Events

Free Hot Drinks

Exclusive Lunchtime Menus

Super Fast Wi-Fi

Access To Expert Online Content & Resources

No Long Contracts Or Commitments

Friendly Hosts

An Eclectic Mix Of Freelancers

Thought Provoking Events

Cheaper Coworking Solution

Exclusive Partner Discounts On All The Things You Need As A Startup

A Community Of Likeminded People Looking Out For Each Other

The coworking startup story so far…

Set up by 2 friends in 2018, FlexTable was founded by entrepreneurs Mitchel White and Richard Simpson.

Having met at various networking events across Manchester and sporadic chats on LinkedIn the pair decided to meet up for a chat and see how they could potentially work together on their existing businesses with Mitchel running a marketing agency and Richard runs an executive coaching business.

A few weeks later after several coffees, Richard floated the idea of FlexTable – oddly Mitchel had the same idea months before but didn’t think to take it any further. Born out of a frustration at the lack of affordable creative space to work in during the day – the pair got the creative juices flowing and with the help of coffee and late nights the concept launched within 2 weeks. Not bad going.

Since then FlexTable has gone on to sign up new venues, create a community of talented freelancers.

Mitchel White

Co Founder

My passion for FlexTable came after running my own business for 4 years. In that time, I have used coworking spaces, self contained and serviced offices. I never really quite felt at home in any of them. The big offices seemed too corporate and stuffy. Whilst the coworking spaces were expensive. Another thing I struggled with was being stuck at one desk - whether that was at home or in the office. That's why I love FlexTable - it opens up spaces that would otherwise be empty to people like me who want to have a choice where they work.

Richard Simpson - FlexTable Co Founder

Richard Simpson

Co Founder

For me it’s the fact that you can meet loads of new people, that want to help other members. I’m so tired of going to networking events where everyone is selling to you - which I understand, because people need business - but I want people to get to know each other either in a venue, or at one of our events and then refer work to each other if they feel comfortable doing so. The venues is a massive plus for me too - I’ve wasted so much time & money in coffee shops in-between meetings for 2 hours, and not been anywhere near as productive as I should have been due to the nature of the environment.

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