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How Can A Coworking Community Increase Your Influence?

With around 37,000 coworking spaces globally, coworking is a huge trend that has shaped and redefined the world of work.

Coworking has already shown a range of benefits for individuals and startups, but perhaps one lesser-known advantage is how coworking can increase your influence. In a place full of pioneers, entrepreneurs and future-leaders, your coworking community can dramatically increase your influence when you harness it correctly.

Ways a coworking community can increase your influence

  • Confidence

By working in a coworking space, you have much more job control. When you take your career, venture and work into your own hands, it’s understandable that your confidence will increase. With an increase in confidence, you’ll shine in your workspace.

Working in a coworking community your confidence will be clear to see, and that may inspire others, or people may look to you as someone who can help with their fledgeling business. Confidence is attractive and can be an incredibly influential power to have at your disposal. Even if you don’t feel completely confident, act confident, and the rest will follow suit.

  • Unique atmosphere

Every coworking space has its own vibe and atmosphere.

Not every coworking space is the same, and it is important to find the right coworking space that fits your style and meets your needs. As soon as you discover an atmosphere you feel comfortable with; it is time to use this comfort and security in the community to establish yourself.

Being active in the coworking community is important, but it only works when you are completely comfortable with the style of coworking. Once you have a community you are proud of, use your positivity, knowledge and ideas to take your community to the next level.

  • Identity

Every coworking community is comprised of a range of people from different walks of life.

The best part about coworking is that everyone is accepted and respected for what they bring. While socialising is often a key aspect of coworking communities, it isn’t essential. Your coworking space is a chance to build up the identity for what you are known for.

Obviously, building your influence will usually require being an active member of the community. However, this does not mean doing things you don’t like. If you are not a social butterfly, use your influence in a way that works for you such as holding seminars, organising a guest speaker or creating a coworking community newsletter.

However, you want to build an influence; a coworking community is a place of acceptance and a chance for you to shine and influence in a way that works for you.

  • Networking

To build influence in your coworking community, you need to network.

However, how can you network with the same people every day? Many businesses will use a coworking space for one-off meetings and conferences when they need to host clients or want a change of scene. Make sure to take advantage of all the new faces that you come across in the coworking space and use the coffee machine as a place to strike up a conversation. It is a great chance to expand your network outside of the coworking community.

If you find the networking becoming stagnant in your coworking community, then make an active effort the change that. Speak to the manager of the coworking space about an open day where people can use the facility for free. It may help increase sign-ups and gives you more people to talk to and more potential to expand your influence.

  • Set up coworking community networks

Social media accounts, WhatsApp groups and project applications can all help to keep everyone in the coworking community in the loop.

By setting up these accounts, it can be a great way to find help within the community if you need it and celebrate the success of people’s achievements.

For people that are too shy or too busy to get involved in the conversations, these social media groups make it easy for everyone to get involved and share as much or as little as they want to.

Insights and feedback on how to make the coworking community better can also be acquired in this way, and you may find a gap where your influence can be put to good use. By putting your talent to the coworking space, you may find that it will be a valuable return that you can use to your best influencing potential.