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Coworking in Manchester: What Are Your Options?

Manchester has always been a hotbed of creativity and business.

But in recent years the number of people becoming self employed has exploded and with it has come an increase in the number of places you can work in the City.

For years your only option was to work from home or a coffee shop.

Now there are lots of coworking spaces in Manchester to choose from each with their pros and cons. We run through the options available to you as a freelancer, startup and small business owner to find a space where you can meet new people, get creative and realise your full potential.

Coffee Shop Working

Manchester is awash with coffee shops, from your usual suspects Starbucks and Costa to independent hotspots Pot Kettle Black and Takk in the Northern Quarter.

Lots of freelancers and startups choose to work in coffee shops as a cost effective way of getting out the house. We know how lonely it can be working from home and coffee shops offer an alternative.

What’s great about working in Manchester’s coffee shops?

Working from a coffee shop has it’s benefits:

  • It’s a space to escape to when you’re feeling like you need a break from working at home
  • They’re a great space to meet other people and feel inspired
  • There a cheaper alternative to other coworking options

What’s wrong with working in a coffee shop?

There’s nothing wrong with working in a coffee shop, but it does have it’s limitations and annoyances:

  • You’re not guaranteed a seat, table and power socket
  • You feel like you have to buy lots of coffees so you don’t outstay your welcome (because we’re all a bit British like that)
  • There are lots of other people not working – which can be distracting. Especially when Mercedes is talking to her mates about her new dress.

The best coffee shops in Manchester for a day of working

There are some spots in Manchester which are ideal for a quick meeting or few hours of working:

  1. Takk – In the Northern Quarter, Takk is a freelancer hotspot with great coffee. Get there early though or you might miss out on a table.
  2. HOME – Based on First Street just round the corner from Deansgate tram stop, this inspiring building will get your creative juices flowing.
  3. North Tea Power – Also in the Northern Quarter (probably because it’s the home of the laptop coffee shop person) North Tea Power is a small place to get a bit of work done when you need a break from home.

North Tea Power Manchester

Manchester Coworking Spaces, coworking in manchesterManchester Coworking Spaces

Manchester (like many other cities) has seen a huge increase in the number of coworking spaces in recent years.

It might seem a little odd listing our competition here but we don’t see them as competition – coworking spaces can be expensive and FlexTable aims to bridge the gap between the jump from working at home and coffee shops to more expensive coworking spaces.

So here are a list of some of the coworking spaces in Manchester:


Spinningfields / St Peter’s Square

A relative newcomer to the Manchester coworking scene – WeWork offers a great solution for businesses looking for a dedicated space to work. They have free beer on tap and dedicated offices for bigger businesses. The downside? The price. We had a mini heartattack when we heard how much it was.

OGS Works @ Old Granada Studios

St. John’s Quarter

Based in the Old Granada Studios, OGS Works is a coworking space on the edge of Spinningfields. As you’d expect of an old TV studio building there are plenty of spaces for meetings and events. OGS is the ideal spot for a creative business looking for a dedicated space to work.

Beehive Lofts


If you’re looking for something with character – Beehive Lofts is based in an industrial warehouse with bags of charm. Their breakout area is home to your usual coworking suspects – TVs, Xbox, pool tables and even hammocks!

Central Working @ Rise Manchester


Based behind Grindsmith on Deansgate, Central Working is a coworking hub for creatives. With amazing coffee footsteps away if you’re a coffee lover then the creative coworking space at Rise is ideal.

What do these coworking spaces have in common?

They’re not cheap.

As you’d expect when you get facilities like free beer and creative breakout spaces – there comes a price tag attached.

How much does coworking in Manchester cost?

Coworking can vary massively depending on your chosen location, you can get a desk in a cheaper coworking space for £150 a month or you can opt for the more expensive WeWork at £290.

If you’re a startup or small business these can be big sums to find each month.

Want to know about another coworking option in Manchester?

Introducing FlexTable

Whilst working from home, coffee shops and dedicated coworking spaces is great. Each of them have their limitations.

That’s why we set up FlexTable.

Born out of a frustration at not being able to find a space that we felt comfortable working from all the time and one where we didn’t feel like we needed to take out a bank loan to afford each month.

FlexTable gives you access to underused commercial spaces (i.e. restaurants and bars) during the day when they’re quiet. That’s not all, you get…

  • A dedicated space to work (cordoned off from the general public)
  • Super fast wifi (upload as well as download)
  • Free hot drinks all day
  • Regular events to meet other businesses, investors and startups
  • Access to our app – giving you a tool to meet other people using FlexTable

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