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wework vs flextable

FlexTable vs WeWork: Our Unbiased Comparison

One question we get asked is why would you choose FlexTable over other coworking options and what makes us different to the likes of coworking juggernaut WeWork.

We’ve tried our best to be unbiased as we can be in this look at the differences between WeWork and FlexTable.

What’s So Great About WeWork?

  • Interior design is fantastic, the coworking spaces look great
  • Hot desking in chosen office
  • Fixed desk in chosen office (increased cost)
  • Access to other locations in London/Manchester at £40/day
  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • Free tea, coffee, water
  • Free beer after 16:00
  • Free learning/networking events – daily
  • Pets are welcome (location dependent)

From the moment you set foot in WeWork, you are impressed.

There’s been a lot of money spent on the interior, and you can see that an awful lot of work has gone into the reception/communal area especially.

You’re greeted by a host on the desk and asked to sign in, which then automatically informs your host that you have arrived, a very nice touch. You can help yourself to free refreshments in the form of tea/coffee/water and even free beer after 16:00 on weekdays.

One thing I did notice though was that the office space outside of the communal areas isn’t generally as nice as I expected. I imagine this is because the events (opportunities to showcase/advertise) are held in the communal areas, and I’m not saying the working areas are at all bad, but you can certainly tell that they’ve spent  more on the communal aspects.

As a new business, the main thing you of course want to get is new contacts that will be able to help you on your journey. Whether that be direct sales, or introductions to people of influence in your sector.

WeWork is great for this and I’ve heard of multiple businesses benefitting from just passing work between each other in the early stages. The only thing I will say is that I’ve also heard that this funnel is predominantly short-term, and unless your customers are growing at a rapid rate, then services tend to be used just once, and are not needed in the future, except for tasks such as accounting for example.

The networking events on offer at WeWork are great too.

They pretty much have an event of some sort every afternoon/evening. Sometimes these are generic networking events, and other times they’re specific learning opportunities, with a host of relevant speakers/panels.

What’s So Great About FlexTable?

  • Unique style and interior design of our venues
  • Multiple locations – different desk every day if you want
  • Five-day free trial available
  • No long-term commitment – cancel anytime
  • Day passes available
  • Discounted food menus for members – different in each venue
  • Free tea, coffee, water
  • Free learning/networking events – weekly

The main contrast between FlexTable and WeWork is the flexibility, both in terms of cost and locations.

At £75/month, FlexTable is greater than 60% cheaper than the lowest WeWork Hot Desk option – saving you a minimum of £1,500 per year (if you opt for a fixed desk at WeWork this would rise to a saving of £2,520 per year).

The locations have all been picked with members in mind.

Providing exclusive areas of venues for you to work in, with the added comfort of free tea & coffee, plenty of plug sockets and high-speed Wi-Fi. This gives our members a nice fresh feel to coworking and an inspiring space for you to be more creative and productive than they may be at home.

The locations are also another big saving point. FlexTable gives you access to all its venues across the UK. Whether you want to change between venues in your home city for a different atmosphere/experience, great, or you may want to pop in when travelling to London for example. All this is included in your monthly membership.

WeWork however will charge you £40 per day to visit an alternative office to your own. Even if you travel to another city only once per month – this is an additional £480 saving

The networking aspects are also covered with FlexTable, with events to be hosted at least every two weeks, increasing to once per week in the future. These will be predominantly learning events where guest speakers will be invited, and panels arranged, on topics that will benefit our members.

Of course, there’s always the chance that you’ll meet new and exciting people just by working in our spaces too. Who knows what perfect clients may have passed you by when you were sat directly next to them in Starbucks?

We want our members to be able to utilise the fact they’re sat in dedicated coworking areas of the venue, and therefore know that those around you are part of the same FlexTable community.

So what’s the conclusion?

Overall the offerings are very similar.

It’s the gaps in some of the additional benefits we’ve listed above where WeWork will outrank FlexTable, the number of events and free beer after 16:00 for example.

However,  these gaps are minimal, especially in comparison to the difference in costs of more than £125 per month.

Here are some thoughts on different scenarios and which option may work best for you & your business:

New Business

If you’re starting out as a business and don’t know if working away from home is for you – then FlexTable is definitely the initial way forward. Try it out at a cheaper cost and see how you feel. If you like the idea and the low-cost point, then stay where you are or try a new venue.

Happy to pay more and want something with an office specific feel? Then WeWork may be the better option for you.

In the office 2-3 days/week

If you’re not going to be in the office more than 2/3 days per week or you travel between different cities, then FlexTable is definitely the cheaper & more sensible option.

A one-day visit to a WeWork office other than your own will cost you more than half a FlexTable monthly membership (£40 versus £75)

More Established Business

If you’re a more established business and you know that you want a space to work 5 days/week in an office like environment – then WeWork is certainly the better option for you.

Try flexible coworking with FlexTable for yourself today