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How exactly does FlexTable work?

Curious about how FlexTable works? It's surprisingly simple.

Flexible coworking really is as flexible as it gets. With just 4 steps from sign up to sitting at your workspace in a FlexTable venue.

We're Not Like Other Coworking Companies

Signup for a free trial, download the app and turn up at your workplace

At £75/month, with no sign up or cancellation fee, FlexTable really is as flexible as your working life

Sign up online

Register for your free 5 day trial

Find your nearest venue

Take a look at which venue you'd like to work from today

Head down to the venue

Use your phones camera (iPhone/Android) to scan the venues unique QR code

Relax with free hot drinks

Get yourself logged into the venue wifi, grab yourself a free hot drink and have a great day

What Is FlexTable?

FlexTable gives you access to the best creative spaces to work in your city. Lunchtime is a notoriously quiet time for a lot of restaurants and bars, making them a perfect space for you to set up and work in a inspiring environment.
Why is FlexTable so affordable?

We’re doing something a bit different to your usual coworking companies – by partnering with FlexTable, our venues benefit from a busier space. Added to the publicity offered by being part of FlexTable – it’s easy to see why our partners welcome you with open arms.

How long can I stay?

Our venues have different opening times (you can see them on our venue listing pages) but even after those times you’re welcome to stay and work, drink and relax. Our members often work all day in our spaces, others pop in and out for meetings and use it as a base for their day in town.

Where will I be working in the venue?

All our venues have a dedicated FlexTable coworking area – no other customers can access this area during the day. They also won’t have access to the exclusive member offers you can take advantage of.

Will you be launching in my city?

We have big plans and we’re already looking at locations to launch in. If you’d like to see FlexTable in your city – let us know.

Do I have to buy something to stay?

You won’t be pressured to buy anything at our venue. But with free hot drinks and exclusive lunchtime menus, why not treat yourself?

Can I use any FlexTable venue?

Your flexible coworking membership gives you access to all FlexTable venues across the UK. We currently have locations in Manchester, with more cities being added soon.

What are people saying about FlexTable?

Rachel FlexTable Review

While I was there I got a good amount of writing done on an upcoming post, I also met a remarkable woman, a fellow freelancer, and had a wonderful conversation. Despite my poor choice of footwear in the pouring rain I walked home feeling positive about my day.

Freelance Blogger
Demi Manchester FlexTable Review

FlexTable is a wonderful co-working environment situated in Manchester. I had the pleasure of working in their Impossible venue, a rustic, nature-filled bar oozing with inspiration. The meeting I had lasted much longer than anticipated as we felt comfortable and relaxed the whole time we were there.

Sara FlexTable Manchester Review

As soon as I saw what FlexTable was about I signed up and went to their first co-working session. I'm a freelancer and want spaces to work and not feel pressured to constantly buy coffees or food to stay the whole day and coworking offices are often quite expensive. I thought Flextable was a great middle ground with the added bonus of being able to choose different locations and also meet new people and network. Mitchel and Richard, the owners, are also lovely guys and really approachable. And the free trial is great, because it gives you the chance to try it out before you become a member

Freelance Writer
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