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Great! You’ve Got Lots Of Social Media Followers – Now What?

Well done, your hard work has paid off, and you have a substantial social media following.

Your graphics, imagery, content and advice has been engaging, captivating and impressive. Your social media posts have not only been seen but have been shared. You have built up a base of eager fans, followers and interested people.

But, now what? Once you have an audience of social media followers what do you do next?

You have attracted, but how do you retain interest?

How to retain and convert social media followers

  • Stay connected

This step is undoubtedly the most frustrating, so it is best to get it out of the way first.

While you should celebrate where your hard work has got you, it is essential to carry on doing what you are doing. Keep up the same level of engagement and encourage as much interaction as possible. While it takes a lot of work to build up a high number of social media followers, they can be fickle and will quickly unfollow you if you do not regularly post content that interests them.

To build up a high number of followers, you have obviously found out what works and how to attract, keep the techniques that worked and continue perfecting your craft to keep your social media followers engaged.

  • Research your audience

In order to retain your social media followers, you need to know what they like.

Now you have your followers; it is time to start analysing their interest, needs and any common interests that link your followers. By researching your audience, you can tailor your content to further add to the experience.

By having in-depth knowledge of your social media followers’ interests, you can make your content more personal. This way you can create the experiences they are looking for and keep a consistent level of interest and personalisation across all forms of communication.

  • Stay relevant

Trends come so quickly that it is vital that you stay on the pulse.

Whether it is joining the latest social media network or discussing a hot topic with your community, it is essential to keep ahead of the game.

The best way to stay relevant is through discussions with the social media community that you have built. Don’t be afraid to begin a conversation with your own opinion or ask your followers for help. The amount of interaction you will create as a result will help to attract more followers and create a buzz around your posts. By getting your followers talking to one and other it could prove eye-opening for you as you learn what’s important to your followers at that very moment.

  • Be consistent

If you suffer a lull in engagement or a drop of followers, don’t make extreme changes.

Many brands and influencers will grow concerned when their strategy no longer seems to be effective and feel they need to take drastic action. Taking an extreme approach away from your usual method may alienate more customers.

If you want to change your approach, try and plan to do it subtly and take the aspects that work to improve the strategy over time. If you really do want to take a brand-new approach and try something radically different, it is wise to warn customers so that they know what to expect when the change happens.

Remember, your following can be your sounding board for change.

Why not ask their opinion on your new idea?

If you have several different concepts, use your audience to vote for the approach they like best. If you involve your followers in your decision, they will feel valued which will help to increase engagement.

  • Create a series

When you are posting regular content, it can be hard to come up with new ideas.

Creating content series can actually help you and your audience as you start to order your content by themes. This helps your followers to find the content that they are looking for. It also enables you to create a thematic link and may make it easier to write content, especially as it becomes your specialist subject the more research you do.

A series of content can be useful for determining audience engagement; you can see as interest builds throughout a theme or whether a specific message resonates more than others. Typically ten posts or pieces in a content series works to be enough in-depth information without becoming boring and repetitive.